Private Training

If you want to get started asap, we are able to offer private lessons at this time.

Private sessions are offered at all training levels and take place at the outdoor venue. Sessions in dog obedience are also available.

One-to-one Training

Although working in a training class is highly recommended, sometimes one to one training may be beneficial. 

A private session can be very useful if you wish to spend  more time working on your agility skills in a private environment. Alternatively you may wish to concentrate on a problem area such as contact training, weaving, handling skills, startline discipline, distance work, course analysis, motivation or focus issues.

Some dogs find classes too stressful an environment to work in and so 121 classes are ideal in helping them to focus without distraction and to learn new skills. They also provide a quiet environment in which to help dogs that are reactive or having difficulty in focussing to learn and work on exercises and techniques to help them in a class situation.

Private Group Training (not currently available)

Groups that wish to train together in private sessions are welcome.

For more details on all sessions including times and prices please contact Pen Sensky

About Agility Nuts

Agility Nuts are a Nottinghamshire based dog agility training club running training classes and shows throughout the year

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