Puppy Foundation Classes

New course starting October 19th 2019! Contact us now for details and to reserve a space

Puppy foundation classes are designed to incorporate obedience, socialization and pre-agility skills. At the younger end of the age spectrum the classes include mostly basic obedience skills and socialization. As the dog becomes older then more pre-agility skills are incorporated into the training. Puppies of any age are welcome. 

These classes include:

  • Creating a reward structure, building play skills
  • Creating a work ethic, drive, coping with challenges, distractions
  • Teaching the body language skills required to navigate an agility course including turns, acceleration and deceleration
  • Startline discipline, teaching you and your dog training criteria
  • Introduction to the equipment and equipment skills according to the age and development of each dog
  • Shaping behaviours, working with targets, body awareness skills

All these skills will set up an excellent foundation for you and your dog’s career in agility! Dogs that complete this course successfully quickly progress through their agility training.

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